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Full Version: Best Whiteboard ever!
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Fresh from Dragon's Den!

It's a brilliant product. We use it ourselves and we have got hold of a parcel of 300 rolls we are happy to share with you at a third of the normal price.

Folio Contact comes on a roll of 25 standard A1 sheets.

The contact sheets automatically stick to any surface; walls, windows, doors, wallpaper without glue, blue tak or pins etc. They peel off after use and leave no residue or markings. Can be moved and re-stuck elsewhere

Write on with marker or dry wipe pens. Dry wipe whiteboard ink can be wiped off and sheets reused.

Comes in a handy box with hanging holes to be hung on white board hooks etc

Either contact me at

or if you have an ebay account you can find them here
About a hundred of these gone already folks. They really are a superb invention where you can turn any room into an office, meeting room/seminar room in seconds. No flip chart stands to carry around. Just stick 'em up, write all over the walls and take them down again in seconds. Wouldn't be without them!! Ed.Wink
We are selling these at just £9.99 - £24.99 is the price anywhere else. They really are a superb bargain - limited numbers left.
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