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Full Version: Are you credit checking your customers?
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No? ...well then you should be! There is no excuse now not to do it and it can save you hundreds or thousands of lost £'s when you don't get paid or get paid late. We now have probably the best, simplest and certainly the cheapest most comprehensive credit checking package that is very, very easy to use. We can set you up immediately to carry out checks simply and as a matter of routine. Once checked our system will keep you posted for 12 months on your customers' ratings free of charge.
Our deal is powered and partnered specially for Prompt Payer by Dun & Bradstreet - and you can't get better than that!

Call us on 0800 069 7000 and put your mind at rest!

All businesses should now be credit checking their customers on a frequent basis. Prompt Payer credit checking is probably the cheapest and best checks you can get. Call 0845 069 7000 and speak to Mark Flower who can set you up with a superb deal at a very economic rate.
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