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Full Version: #bizitalk Update
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#bizitalk Update
After just two weeks #bizitalk is returning twitter stats that are the envy of many, outperforming other long standing hashtag signatures. Testimonials are arriving thick and fast amidst countless reports of increased followers, leads gained and sales made. Above all it is proving to be a superb new networking platform. Which is how Bizitalk originated

Bizitalk, Prompt Payer and many others are retweeting #bizitalk followers constantly but such is the traffic we are finding ourselves in twitter 'jail' frequently. This can be alleviated if we all retweet each other as much as possible. If you work from the #bizitalk list it takes just a second or two to retweet 5 or 10 other tweets. If all Bizitalkers did this each time they tweeted it would go viral very quickly reaching hundreds of thousands of followers each time. We are already reaching over 2 million each day.

In business you get out what you put in. There's no free lunch. Engage with other Bizitalkers, talk to them and/or just retweet them and your business exposure will grow rapidly.

Talking and Retalking - that's Bizitalking
1,500 tweets generated 2,149,036 impressions, reaching an audience of 434,679 followers within the past 24 hours

Hashtrack figures on 8th April
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#bizitalk is getting popular, +1000% the last hour :
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