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Full Version: Building Bizitalk - Brick by Brick
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Following the extraordinary success of the #bizitalk hashtag launched in March this year we are planning the next steps to help small business gain more exposure.

We shall be launching a multi-functional Bizitalk website to cater for the 4.8 million small businesses in the UK and the millions globally.

We believe it important to involve as many small businesses as possible as stakeholders in this new venture to continue the democratic values of the #bizitalk community and where cost will be no barrier to entry. The business will be built by you, small business and social media, and curated by us. To this end we will be offering the following opportunities.

Founder Members: The website will highlight Founder Members who will play an important part in the running of the platform and be able to put forward their ideas to continually update and improve the service.

Crowd Funding: Building Bizitalk Brick by Brick. Small businesses will be given the opportunity of purchasing a number of shares in the company - in 'bricks' of 100 at £1 each - allowing them to share in the success of the venture.

From the interest already generated we are anticipating that many small businesses will become Founder Members and Shareholders. (There will be a limit on the number of shares that can be purchased by any one person/business to enable a greater number to become involved)

If you have any questions, or wish to register your interest in the above, please email:

In the meantime - keep Bizitalking. Carpe Diem!
157 Bricks have so far been laid down. The foundations are in!
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